Fountain  of Hope

He shall lead them into living fountains of waters  - Rev 7:17



What is WHAT About?

  •  It was birthed from several desires!
  • To create a sex trafficking prevention and awareness tool. 
  • The purpose is to reach teen girls and young women, before trafficking begins.
  • We also want to see victims who are already trapped helped out of “the life” now!
  • To facilitate an opportunity for your group

How Does WHAT Work?

After prayer, adults can go out in pairs to the streets, malls or parks—anywhere  girls and young women congregate. A team member gives a large Tootsie Roll and asks them to choose a WHAT business card. This is intended to initiate a short conversation.  

Those who go out do not have to be an expert in sex trafficking! They simply need to briefly explain the WHAT site.  The goal is to point the women and teen girls to the WHAT website which highlights the  National Human Trafficking hotline along with offering an email address through which they can ask relationship questions.  

Any contact by phone or email is, of course, anonymous and confidential.

Not in Arizona?

  1. A website beginning with the word “What” can be used for your state or capital city.  The business cards can also be easily adapted for your region.
  2. The domain name needs to be registered; the website designed and monitored.  The woman who answers your emails will need some coaching which can be done with me (Susan Stacey)—even worldwide using Skype.