Fountain  of Hope

He shall lead them into living fountains of waters  - Rev 7:17


There are many ways to pray for FOUNTAIN OF HOPE MINISTRIES OF AMERICA and for THE FOUNTAIN. Here are some:


The zip code 85017, which stretches from THOMAS AVE to GLENDALE AVE and from I-17 to 35TH AVE, is considered the heart of sex trafficking in the state of Arizona. More trafficking activity happens within this zip code than any zip code in the state. Pray continually that God's presence will reign in that area. Pray for those girls who are vulnerable to abduction, for the perpetrators seeking to do business, and for those fighting the crime such as law enforcement and volunteers. Pray also for the families who are affected by this tragedy.


As with any ministry, finances and other resources are needed to keep us functioning. Please pray for a continued support from corporate sponsors to private donations. It is through these resources that we can pay the rent for THE FOUNTAIN, offer the materials used to invited the girls to the center, fund the training, cover legal costs, and the list goes on.


Pray for the safety of all. This is a dangerous segment of society to tackle!

  • Safety for the volunteers as they head out to the streets inviting girls to the center
  • Safety for THE FOUNTAIN
  • Safety for law enforcement
  • Safety for the women and girls out there who are at risk. These are the people who are closest to the danger.

Remember that those involved in sex trafficking hold a low view of life. Every time a girl is taken from the sex trafficked world—whether voluntarily, by force or by rescue—business for those profiting is lost. Pray that they are kept from seeking revenge on The Center or anyone else working against them.