Fountain  of Hope

He shall lead them into living fountains of waters  - Rev 7:17

How to Use WHAT Resources



  • Go to where girls and young women meet
  • Dress casually, no dark sunglasses
  • Look for 12-25 year olds
  • Smile
  • Introduce yourself
  • Give them a sweet treat
  • Fan the cards and tell them to “Pick one” then respond with “Great choice!”
  • Explain briefly that they scan in the code and find out about “Boyfriends,” what is a great relationship or maybe not!!!”


  • Have them go to the website


  • Be afraid
  • Mention sex trafficking; they don’t know what that really means
  • Get into a discussion with them on morality
  • Worry about how they are dressed or their language
  • Give out money or personal information
  • Meet with them (they may have a pimp or an abusive boyfriend)

What You Need to Know

  • The teachings that are on the website:
  • Girls or women can email me any question(s) about sex or relationships!

For an example, visit