Fountain  of Hope

He shall lead them into living fountains of waters  - Rev 7:17



FOUNTAIN OF HOPE MINISTRIES OF AMERICA is a Bible based ministry whose mission is to share with broken-hearted girls and women in real and practical ways. Through training, teaching and The Fountain, we seek to reach into their hearts and nurture them back to a restorative relationship with their eternal Father.

The Lord has graciously kept us serving since 1987 through the servitude of the founder, Reverend Susan Stacey, who has a vision to bring that restorative healing to the state of Arizona.

"Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up int he discipline and instruction of the Lord."

There are children who have not been under the protective canopy of a watchful father. Instead, thousands have been abused or abandoned by the dads, step-dads and other male family members. Thus, Fountain of Hope Ministries, reaches out in obedience to that which the Lord has called us. 

***   "FOHMOA" is a non-profit corporation with a 501(c)3 status


"The Fountain" is a drop-in center, which operates under the "Fountain of Hope Ministries". It is located in the heart of Phoenix.

We provide a safe place for girls and women trapped or vulnerable to being trapped in sex-trafficking. Whether for 5 minutes or for hours, it is a place we can build relationships that last, a place where they are safe to be heard and listened to, a place they can receive much needed comfort. They come "as-is," validated as God's precious creation.

We welcome open dialogue to introduce them to the ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ, and, thus, provide HOPE from a lifestyle of horrific despair and terror.


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