Fountain  of Hope

He shall lead them into living fountains of waters  - Rev 7:17


The Fountain

The Fountain is a drop-in center open to women and children trapped on the street


Training for various groups on sex trafficking


Teaching curriculum on sexual abuse to bring freedom to the girls

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There is never a better solution to a problem than intentional involvement. Fountain of Hope is one cog in the fight against this pandemic of sex trafficking.

There are many ways YOU can help.

how to get involved

85017 is the center for sex trafficking in the state of Arizona. Let us pray for the replacement of this atrocity with God who is all-loving, all-seeing, and all-merciful.

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Join us in fighting the Sex Trafficking pandemic in the state of ARIZONA. Through this ZONE IMPROVEMENT PLAN: Code Red initiative, we can cover the entire state of Arizona with ZIP Code at a time. To sign up and for more info....